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There is not a prettier setting for your special day than the one here at Church by the Sea.


Quaint Setting


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Built in 1945, the sanctuary boasts spectacular stained glass windows to capture the Florida sun from all directions, welcoming your guests and creating a perfect environment for your wedding.


Beginning a New Chapter


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Your wedding day is one that you will remember forever. You must make the best choice to create the best memory. Our wedding service focuses on God's grace and strength for your future, is personally designed just for you, and helps you begin your new chapter going in the right direction.


Personal attention


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We know that every dream wedding is different. Our goal is to discover what your dream looks like and do our absolute best so that you experience it on your special day! We will pay attention to the all of the details so you can simply focus on the moment and enjoy your day.


How we can help you create your special day?


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