Back in 2006 the big Network Freeform was still called the Family Channel.

I remember that summer they began using a new slogan:
'the family channel - a new kind of family'

While they no longer use the phrase, it bothered me at the time because the network was adding a bunch of themes to their shows that didn't match a Christian worldview. 

This was unfortunate because I believe God was the first to create a 'new kind of family' when He adopted a people from from 'every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages' (Rev. 7:9) 

God's family is much more beautiful (and moral) than the dysfunction you might find on TV.

During our series on the family of God I took back the phrase!

Being in God's family still comes with its set of challenges because it is also diverse.

Because of Sin we're more naturally afraid of people that don't look, or sound, or have the same customs that we do.

But if we have Faith, our final destination is a diverse New Kingdom.

God doesn’t want us judging others based on their wealth, race, or social status.

Being part of this New Kind of Family means moving from a partial to impartial mindset

And executing justice, by looking after those who may be in a more difficult spot than us.

James 2:1-13 ; James 2:16