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Troy Knowlton

- Sunday AM Teacher; Events


Troy is a sales representative and father of 3 kids, with two grandkids on the way.

He is married to Kim Knowlton.

Troy has volunteered off and on in youth ministry from when his kids were younger and part of youth groups themselves.

Even as his kids have grown out of youth group, he hasn’t lost his passion for working in Student Ministry.

He teaches middle school on Sunday mornings, and occasionally helps with special events.

When he’s not working or helping at Church you might find him on the boat, out fishing, kayaking or playing some music.

Sarah DeNevarra

- Youth Praise Team Director; Girls Small Group Leader


Sarah teaches children music at St. Pete Music Acting & Dance and is currently a college student.

As often as she can, Sarah facilitates spiritual conversations for our girls following the message on Wednesday in a small group setting.

She has many musical talents and also serves as director of our youth praise team.

While Sarah’s been through many ups & downs, she’s drawn the conclusion that faith and trust is the right path, even in times that cause us to ask tough questions.

As a result she knows that doubt is not toxic to faith; silence is.

She gives the young people she serves the opportunity for conversations in response to the hard questions, not just answers.

When Sarah is not busy (which is never) she’s probably playing or listening to music.


- High School PM Teacher; Events


Brandon Smith is an auto-mechanic and is married to Cherie Smith.

Brandon wanted to get involved in the youth ministry because he knows how easy it is to make poor choices in your teens, especially when you are heavily influenced by the wrong friends.

Brandon’s hope is to set an example, share Jesus, and encourage kids that they are capable of making better, smarter choices.

He serves the Monday evening Bible Study for High Schoolers and offers valuable spiritual advice to our young men, as well as valuable fishing advice.

When he’s not working or helping at church you might find Brandon fishing, or engaged in some other outdoor activity. He loves sports, racing, and occasional video games.


Kevin McInerney

- Middle School Guys Small Group Leader; Sunday AM Teacher; Events


Kevin is self-employed business owner and widower with two grown children.

Having grown up in the inner city Kevin knows what it’s like to have the influence of mentors in his life. He can recall the men in his life who volunteered their time to mentor him and his friends and offer an alternative to the trouble they could get into on the streets.

Kevin desires to pay that forward by investing his time in the next generation and introducing them to Jesus.

Kevin teaches once a month on Sunday Mornings for our Middle Schoolers & also leads their discussions following talks on Wednesday nights.

When he’s not working or helping at church you might find Kevin Biking, Walking, Reading, Golfing, or having Coffee with friend.

Liz Wright

- Girls Small Group Leader; Sunday AM Teacher; Events


Liz works in Research and Development, has three children & seven Grandchildren. She is married to Mike Wright.

If you ask Liz how she got involved she’ll tell you that she simply felt called.

She said it’s not a path she would have naturally chosen, but now that she has said yes to God she can’t imagine not being there for our middle school girls especially.

Liz makes all the teens feel loved and cared for, and fills their hearts with joy.

She desires for her students to come into a direct encounter with Jesus, and find the hope that comes from knowing Him.

She is a girls small group leader & teaches once a month for our middles schoolers on Sunday mornings.

If you’re looking for Liz ‘after hours’ you’ll probably find her at the beach or at church.


- Your role here

That’s right you! As you can see our team is made up of people from all generations and walks of life. They all follow one simple rule ‘show up’. It’s that simple. You don’t have to be a teen guru, or be cool, or even have an instagram. All you need is love, faith in Christ, and a willingness to be present in their life.

Help us introduce a new generation to the hope of Jesus Christ.

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