The Door of Hope

The Prophet Hosea writes of ‘a door of hope’

A door of hope.

Door’s lead to what’s next.


When I walk into the door of Starbucks I walk to coffee, when I walk out of Starbucks I walk into the world, and (depending on the day) a whole list of things to do.

Later when I come through the door of my home I can expect a warm greeting from my wife … and maybe some dishes.

Door’s lead to what’s next.


When Jesus rose from the dead he opened up a door into a ‘new way to be human’.


The Door of Hope is a second chance … an opportunity for resurrection. 


Jesus walked out of death and into the beginning of the renewal of all things.


Now this sounds great right.

But let’s face it. Resurrection sounds more like the fiction in The Walking Dead than actual history.


Steve Jobs invented the IPhone in 2007


Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876.


They’re divided by 131 years




Now, imagine if we could go back in time and hand Bell an IPhone?


How would He react?


He would probably flip out.


He was a dreamer, but he was thinking short term. 

He couldn’t fathom Instagram because at the time just the idea of talking from far away was crazy. 

It was 'un-imaginable.'


I was 11 when I first held the iPhone. It wasn’t mine, but it was amazing!!!


It rearranged what many thought was possible in a mobile phone. 


It challenged the normal reality and became the new reality. 


Now I know the resurrection has far more implications than the IPhone. 


And it seems a little harder to grasp. 


But a similar thing happened to the reality of Death when Jesus rose from the dead.


The hope of eternal life is crazy... even impossible to many... but it wouldn’t be the first time something previously thought impossible … became possible. 


For the people of the Bible death wasn’t just an event, it was a state of being.

Thinking in spiritual terms, death is synonymous with illness, starvation, meanness, cruelty.

So if you were in the Israelite camp and someone was getting was the curse of sin and death. 

But if you went around the corner and someone was being generous and patient, it was an expression of God’s Holiness and Life. 


This problem of Death was a constantly made know to the Israelites. 

Their rituals involved a lot of blood and sacrifice, which seems weird to the modern reader. 

But the idea was to be regularly aware of their need to transfer the curse of sin and death from themselves to another party.

But it was never enough.


Imagine a boat that keeps springing leaks. 


The sacrificial system offered them materials to plug the holes, but it didn’t stop the leaks from coming.

Jesus offered the final solution.


That’s why Jesus is so awesome. 

He was- He is-enough. 


By rising from the Dead, He claims the only power over death, and the power to rid the world of it once and for all.


Now I know you’re probably wondering…if Jesus did all this … why is the world so messed up?

You remember when Adam and Eve ate the fruit? They were supposed to die right? 

But they didn’t … not right away.

Death is a slow agent, and as we just discussed, it is much more than just ceasing to breathe. 


Overtime Death created a downward spiral of evil and disorder in the world.

Little by little.

Step by step. 

Generation by generation.


New Life works the same way - in reverse. 

Jesus rose from Dead and the reversal began, but it is a process that begins with faith in our hearts.

It starts small, and like a seed, grows and grows. 

We have to let it develop over time. 


I promise.

Jesus opens a door to better things.

Let’s be a part of it.

Jonny Grubbs